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Something White  BY TIFFANY & CO.
Senior Capstone Design Project

For my senior design project, my group created a bridal line for Tiffany & Co. called Something White. This line is designed to embody the modern bride, while still withholding timeless styles. Further than the designs themselves, our line communicates luxury and the sentimental values behind a wedding dress - such as experiences, memories, and traditions with loved ones, as well as the true meaning behind a marriage. 

The Josephine Skirt and Jumpsuit are designed for the modern bride who still wants that touch of elegance on their special day. The two pieces can be worn together for a more extravagant look, or separate for a more comfortable, yet glam style. These two pieces were designed with a bride in mind who wants the versatility of being able to have different but cohesive looks for the ceremony and reception. The hand beading on the hem of the pants adds a touch of sparkling Tiffany blue detail to the simple jumpsuit, and the horsehair hem on the skirt creates volume and graceful movement for the look. This look combines traditional fabrics and styling with the modern silhouette of the jumpsuit for the bride who wants it all.

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